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Getting Started

What You Need:

Raspberry Pi (duh!) SD Flash Card (8Gb recommended) o optional - SD flash card (256Mb or higher) plus 8 Gb USB Flash Drive PC with an SD card reader HDMI cable Network cable or compatible wifi dongle (If you are using a Raspberry Pi 3, the dongle is obviosuly not needed) USB mouse/keyboard for initial setup I recommend installing OSMC to a USB flash drive and using a smaller SD card for the bootloader. this will give you a much faster UI experience. OSBMC works fine running solely form the SD card but I find the menu can lag a little.

Installing RaspBMC

1. Download the installer from 2. Insert the SD card into your reader and run the installer program. 3. On the first page, choose your language and which version of the Raspberry Pi you have. 4. On the second page, choose which version you want to install (Obvious hint: You want the latest one) 5. On the third page choose where you want OSMC installed to, the SD card or a USB stick 6. On the fourth page, choose what network connection you have, wired or wireless. 7. If you choose wireless, on the next page you will be prompted to enter your wireless network details 8. Choose the SD card to begin the install procedure 9. Once the image has finished downloading and writing to the SD card you can put it in the Pi 10. If you have opted to install to USB, plug the USB stick into the Raspberry Pi as well. 11. Connect the network cable to the Pi and your router. 12. Power on the Pi 13. Once booted you will be prompted to select your language and region. 14. You are now ready to go!